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Townsend Fields presents a living space that enhances your outdoor experience with open countryside. Surrounded by recreational reserves, waterways, native planting and recreational walkways and paths. Simply put, it’s the town’s newest, eco-friendly location to call home.

Whether it is retirees looking for a tranquil, peaceful setting or families wishing to raise their children in a safe, family-friendly environment, Townsend Fields is the natural choice for living.  The dynamic subdivision has been creatively designed and is operated by Justin Busbridge as General Manager and Steve Wakefield as Managing Director. The family behind Townsend Fields location are two long-standing local land owners, Jim and Susan Wakefield. The current land owners are passionately ensuring the area retains its natural beauty while subsequently creating a subdivision where home-owners can build to their specific needs.

The development commenced five years ago, with rezoning of the land under the government led LURP ‘Land Use Recovery Program’ in 2013. With the rural portions of the farm subdivided and sold, the focus became the design and construction of the subdivision and the construction of the Storm Water Management Area. Prior to the development of residential lots, Townsend Road has been extended to meet West Belt and a storm water management treatment area has been constructed at the south boundary. Developers had to manage the storm water from the site during construction, ensuring the existing waterways were not disturbed. This was achieved by numerous techniques derived by collaboration with ECan ‘Environment Canterbury’ and Eliot Sinclair and Partners. Developers relocated a portion of an existing spring fed stream, including the fauna contained within. An opportunity which saw a chance to improve the existing ecosystem and visual amenity of the stream.

Townsend Fields is fortunate to have entered the development realm when the prominence of the ecological and cultural significance was at the forefront of the sector. The focus of this development was on quality of design, quality of living environment and interaction with the natural ecology. The development contracted True Line Civil to undertake all of the construction work under the guidance of Eliot Sinclair and Partners, who are the engineer to the contract. Eliot Sinclair and Partners were briefed to ensure there was minimal disturbance to the natural amenity of the landscape. Townsend Fields presents a living space to Rangiora that enhances the occupant’s outdoor experience by having access to recreational reserves and the wildlife the surroundings will attract. The developers believe they have created a habitat for the local wildlife and a peaceful amenity for the residents of Townsend Fields.

Townsend Fields foremost aim is to ensure their design preserved its natural beauty. This secured the developers with a place as a finalist in the ‘Environmental Step Change Award’ in the 2018 Enterprise North Canterbury Business Awards –  a huge and notable achievement to acknowledge the efforts the developers have afforded the development to ensure Townsend Fields is created with preserving nature in mind.

Townsend Fields is located at the end of Townsend Road in Rangiora. Lot sizes range in size from a spacious 600-872m2 and many are sited alongside the beautiful wetland development. All Stages are on TC1 rated land (meaning future land damage from liquefaction is unlikely) so residents can be assured the associated natural spaces will be less impacted by any future seismic activity.

Future stages are now being created. Plan now for a fabulous future in an environment that has been created with preserving nature in mind. Contact us today 


Stage 4 Update

Awesome weather has meant great progress for the development of Stage 4.  Townsend Fields is still on track for Stage 4 titles to be issued August/September this year.  


Great News! Stage 3 titles are now available so you can begin building your dream home asap.

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Business South Magazine June edition 2022 (Page76 & page 77)

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Stage 2 Titles Available Now

Stage 2 sections are ready for their new owners to start building their dream home.

Townsend Fields - colouring competition

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